World War II

Hi, we are Kansai Gaidai students. We read Joy Luck Club written by Amy Tan in our class, and the characters in the story lives through the World War II. So here we are writing about the World War II. We want you to learn more about the war and how cruel it is here.

Monday, July 05, 2004

What the Japanese did in the Nanking Massacre

Numerous atrocities happened in and around Nanikins, and the victims were largely civilians. The Japanese soldiers invented and exercised inhumane and barbaric ways of killing. The brutalities included shooting, stabbing, cutting open the abdomen, excavating the heart, decapitation (beheading), drowning, burning, punching the body and the eyes with an awl, and even castration or punching through the vagina.

About 20,000 women were raped by the Japanese soldiers during the six weeks of the Nanking massacre, and this maybe one reason why the Naning massacre is also called the rape of the Nanking. The soldiers even raped girls less then ten years old, women over seventy years old, pregnant women, and nuns. Those who resisted were killed immediately.

inhumane things the soldiers did
the horrifying truth


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